Thursday, April 14, 2011

sometimes I hold my phone up to my ear and wonder why it isn't dialling. 

sometimes I forget to dial...

Monday, April 11, 2011

many things

wut uuup homeslices?!

it's been a while, eh? so many things have gone down! and I've been really bad about sharing them with you. let's rewind, shall we? (we shall!)

wait. I changed my mind. we're just going to list it up. i like a good list. they're so simple. (no comments from the peanut gallery, pleaseandthankyou).

many thing #1.
school has commenced! I'm a student again. and, despite one evening of pre-first-day doubts, it's going really well. why was I worried? school and coffee are the only things I know how to do. they're the only two things I've ever done. it took about ten seconds for me to remember how to do the school thing, and now, BAM, I'm back baby! 
art: i'm really good at it...
things that are comical: brooke in drawing classes. yep, classES; plural. oh dear. sorry art world, I'm going to just completely obliterate everything you've worked so hard to build. but in 10 weeks, I'll have moved on. please be patient.

brooke's rule for school (and hopefully one day for life): don't compare yourself.
very important. very hard to do sometimes. head down. focus on being your own very best and not better than the girl next to you. life lesson. i've caught myself a couple times looking over at the next person's drawing or painting or photoshop and smacked myself. people might start avoiding sitting next to me. that'll make it easier for me to focus on my own work. 

many thing #2. 
i moved! this is technically March news, but since I missed out telling you about it, you get it here. it's been a month here (here= right next to the beach. close to work. easy walk to the bus to school. WIN) and it's going swimmingly. did i mention free laundry? baller. (I think I've said that about free laundry before- it really is the best deal goin').

many thing #3.
it's weird not being the traveller. so many of the people I hold near and dear are on the road these days. and I'm not going anywhere. weird role-reversal. don't worry world, I'm comin' for ya in 2012. 

many thing #4. 
this corner of my bread is stale. AH stalebread aftertaste. foul.

many thing #5. 
you're currently reading the blog of a member of the UNDEFEATED metro van women's soccer team. after one heck of an exhausting weekend, a couple Sundays ago, we won the cup! WAHOOOOOO. I would like to take this moment to thank the very dedicated fans who had to truck it to Surrey for the game. some came from as far as Seattle. that morning. oyvey long drive.

many thing #6. 
back to america this weekend. my international lover is flying in. and I need new running shoes- win/win, really. 

many thing #7. 
I saw TWO bunnies on my run the other day. AND! SUNRUN this weekend youguys! get excited. running! downtown Vancouver! with 60,000 of your closest buddies.

many thing #8. 
blackhawks. round one. may history not repeat itself. (I refuse to comment any further- sport gods are verrrrry fickle. don't piss 'em off). also- Nashville's in too. go preds go! 
but- in case you missed it, MayRay scored 2 in our 2nd last game. 

many thing #9. 
ben came to visit. we recorded a rap album. we're h-core. don't mess.

great beats. 
i've been listening to lots of the same things over and over. most are not new to you.
everything's not lost (coldplay). summer young (rascal flatts). on your porch (the format). hymn to freedom (oscar peterson).



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

love. if.

hey kids! 

this is a freeform (free-form?) post. sans draft. i can't promise quality. but let's give this a go shall we?

i've fallen in love
photo not actually taken while running.
well, i guess i've technically RE-fallen in love. with running. we've been fighting recently, and i was worried that it would never end. this has happened before. it's always ended. but you never know if this time will be different... in the end, it wasn't. we're back and better than ever (not true). and i'll admit, this quarrel was entirely my fault- a lack of commitment on my part. i wasn't putting in the time and it was coming back to bite me (never fails). so after a couple of 'drag-yourself-out-the-door-because-you-know-deep-down-you-really-do-love-it' runs, i had a *brilliant* run. (side note: do you always picture the world *brilliant* accompanied by stars? oh. yeah, me either...). it was long and it was slow and it was pouring rain (thanks vair much vancouver). but it was great. it was my favourite route. it was an uncrowded afternoon. it was me and my ipod and some happy graffiti and canada geese and some dog walkers. (are you imagining a parade right now? i sure am). lame story short; it was great. 

today at work one of my very favourite people came in. well. ok. one of my very favourite people i don't actually know anything about. he's a regular. and he's great. example: last week i was working on my own and allofasudden it was mad busy. big line-up. annoying customers. ugh. and 3/4 of the way through the line was mr. one of my very favourites. he gets to the front of the line, just as my head is about to explode and says "alright, ready now? just breeeeeathe." and made me take 2 seconds and re-group. and we got through it. it doesn't sound like much, but you know what, it usually doesn't take much to make someone's day better. think about it. 

holy shamoley! i start school in 2.5 weeks! for real though. not chicago-style. i got my schedule and my ID today. and i am excited! except i have to take drawing. do you know me? i can't draw real things to save my life. cartoon cows? sure. hearts, stars and horseshoes? no big deal. i've even knocked out the odd clover and blue moon. real life "art" drawing? wish me luck. imma need it. bad.
i drew this.

today i took a long drive. into another country (america..dur). after stopping at timmies of course (canada-side). i'm 2 and 2 at roll-up. coffee and donut. am i the only one who is reluctant to actually cash-in on their winnings? i just want to stockpile them and probably never use them. that's silly, isn't it?

i'm currently sitting in my friend's place, waiting for her to get home from work. there's a chance i stole a beer. and also a chance i found a book called "if questions for the soul" sitting next to me. here we go kids..

if you could have more faith in one thing, what would it be? 
the toronto maple leafs.

if you were to elect one animal to be the symbol of goodness, what would it be? baby turtles

if you were to propose that every person in the world do one thing every day for 15 minutes to better the world, what would you have them do? 
smile. :)

that's probably enough for now, eh?

exciting news! HELLCATS IS SHOOTING DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER. i know this because my dad sent me a text telling me so. it's how we roll. 

really fabbity fab songs:
i don't care (darius rucker ft. brad paisley). i won't let go (rascal flatts). make you feel my love (adele). constellations (jack johnson ft. eddie vedder). rebecca deville (mason jennings). down south (tom petty).

watch this. love it. thanks.

alright. one last thing: tanner glass? now invited to the bbq. and rapidly moving up the list of fave canucks. come on! he fights bears AND plays scrabble?! wow. actually. i'm going to go ahead and put him in a solid second place. mayray will always be first in my heart. (until weber becomes a canuck. or a vancan...).

i bid you adieu.

we all just wanna be big rockstars.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

why you'll love wisconsin.

Hi kids. 

Do you ever wonder about the people you're flying over? Like what kind of farm is that? How long does it take them to drive from their house to town, which from the air looks like a couple centimetres, but in real life is obviously slightly further…? Or where all those trucks are going? And what they're carrying? I always default to basketballs. It's the only thing that makes sense.

my neighbour katie
1) I went to America again. Just can't get enough (not always true). Wisconsin though, this time. A little fog, a little sunshine, a lot of snow, a lot of driving, a little running (probably not enough.. but whatcha gonna do?), some cows, some horses, some highschoolers, a lot a lot a lot of laughing. And some TSS time (thank you again neighbs!). And now, I feel like I know Wisconsin pretty well. It is awesome. Seriously. Chock full of real, great people. As well as really great people. You'd like it. I know you would. And really- beer and cheese? What's not to love? 
eff youuu walker

1.5) Milwaukee airport= awesome. After you clear security, there's a recombobulation area. Sheer brilliance, if you ask me. 
I'm always the one strolling out of security in my socks, loaded down with my laptop, jacket, bag, belt, blahblahblah, getting redressed at a random gate. 
But not in Milwaukee. They designated an area for me! Chairs, a table/counter, out of the wayness. Yes! (picture to follow)

2) Big news. Rollup the Rim started yesterday! BEST MONTH EVER! I love you Tim Hortons. So much. 

3) A story….

Once upon a time there was a girl. She and her roommate were both runners (her roommate moreso- definitely h-core), and one day her roommate introduced her to a blog. A boy's blog. Also about running. And a little bit about life, too. 

A couple months went by and the girl kept reading the blog, even as she and her roommate were packing up their lives to go their separate ways. Life was calling them in different directions (they are still very much joined at the keyboard though). The girl was going to Chicago. A new city, a new country, a new school, a new chapter in life (which actually turned out to be more like a new paragraph in life… chapter would be very generous given the amount of time actually invested in it…). And it was a hell of a ride. Ups and downs and further-downs. But, as fate would have it, the boy from the blog was also going to be in Chicago at the same time. 

Early one blizzardy morning, after pep-talking herself into it, the girl set out to meet the boy. She figured, worst-case scenario, at least she'll get a run out of this. There wasn't really a best-case scenario in mind at the time. As much as she sometimes wished it was, she knew her life was not a movie. It would be a run. Maybe a coffee afterward. It would end there.

But then, it didn't. Something clicked. A little click at first. A hey-you're-fun-to-talk-to-let's-be-friends click. Somewhere down the line it became more. The girl and the boy became Brooke and Ben. Ben became a reason to visit Wisconsin. Wisconsin became four days of laughing. And talking (but mostly laughing). 
hardcore runners...
And, despite my fair share of general-life-awkwardness (think staring-at-floor-while-Ben-speaks-to-large-groups-of-people or reading about remote imaging instead of paying attention to arriving flights...), it was effortless. All of it. 

Let's be honest, you all probably know of Ben, either through me or through his blog. Are you going to get all kinds of gushing and gossip and details out of me? No. Is he the same in real life as he is in his blog? No. He's better. So much better. 

Songs that all the cool kids are listening to: Jolene (Zac Brown Band). Felt Good On My Lips (Tim McGraw). Exitlude (the Killers). Heart like Mine (Miranda Lambert). Lasso (the Band Perry). I Want to Hold Your Hand (the Beatles). Lake Fever (the Tragically Hip). 

If you ever get the chance, fly Frontier Airlines. They give you free, fresh-baked cookies. How is this a bad idea? 

4) other things I did in Wisconsin: paper store: Milwaukee 3rd ward- SO COOL. Glass fusion- I pretend to be artsy, lots of fun. Wine night- never fails. Protesting- stand up and be counted! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have started our descent into the Denver/Portland/Vancouver area (most ridiculous flight plan ever). At this time please ensure your tray-tables and seatbacks are in the upright and locked position. It is now time to return any of your carry-on luggage you may have used during the flight to the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. Thank you so much for flying with us. Have a great day.

tug nose. <3