Friday, May 15, 2009

tales from the road... TN-SD

ok, this has to be a quickie, we're pushing out of rapid city, south dakota in like half an hour...

from adel, georgia, we drove due north to atlanta and spent some time at the georgia aquarium and saw WHALE SHARKS!! its such an incredible aquarium.. absolutely beautiful. we also wandered over to the coca cola store and did some browsing, but did not end up buying any paraphenalia (i think i spelt that wrong)...

then it was on to chattanooga, tn- the NOO chattanooga. its beautiful. its surrounded by mountainy ridges, so we drove up one and looked out over the city and its all tres belle. we also stopped at AAA to get some more maps/ travel books for the rest of our journey.

from chattanooga we made it to nashville (after entering central time and gaining an hour) where we stayed with my friend william (from the boat)'s fiancee hanna. they took us out and showed us nashville and were generally wonderful to us. it was a fun night.

we said goodbye to nashville and veered north-west towards st. louis, missouri. and we stopped in illinois in metropolis and took pictures with the GIANT superman (actually, he wasn't that giant, but that's what the signs called him...). in st. louis we drove once around the arch, and that was about it.. all the rivers along that drive looked REALLY full, and there seemed to be much flooding in surrounding fields. just so you know what we were seeing on our drive.

we toodle-oo-ed out of st. louis and went west. to kansas city. that felt like a long three..four... three and a halfish hours. BUT we did get to go through a very flashy thunderstorm. the rain was coming down in sheets and the sky was crazy dark. lots of fun.

we spent that night north of kansas city in st. joseph, mo. the town where jesse james was shot and killed.

and now, yesterday... we awoke in st. joseph, also the home of the stetson outlet. so obviously we bought cowboy hats. sigh. they're wonderful.

from there it was on to onawa, iowa, then west to norfolk, nebraska, (johnny carson's hometown) then we spent most of the afternoon going north and west (but not northwest) through small towns in nebraska, because we wanted to not drive the boring old interstate. it toook a long time. but thats ok, parts of it were pretty. when we did reach the interstate in south dakota, the speed limit is 75 mph, which means you drive 85mph which means we were legally going about 140 kmph. good times. lola (the car) may not agree. we pulled through wall, sd at 6:56pm to see the WORLD FAMOUS drugstore. and it closes at 7pm. so we ran in, saw a very small part of it then had to leave. then it was on to rapid city, where i am now, and where we are now leaving from to see mt. rushmore.

peace out.

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