Sunday, May 10, 2009

tales from the road...VA-SC

as soon as we crossed from maryland into virginia we hit major congestion. and while that is normally not a lot of fun, congestion combined with 29-30 degree heat + humidity + no AC + no wind (no natural wind, and no fake wind because we weren't moving) made for a FANTASTIC time. we did eventually get rolling again though, and things were fine.

our hunt for relatively inexpenive lodging and our quest to get off the interstate system and onto more local roads/ state routes drove us into mount olive, north carolina, a bustling community of 4500ish people, and home to mount olive college. by the time we'd pulled in the sun had all but set, and we were hot, sticky, tired and hungry, so we didn't do very much sightseeing in mount olive, although the road TO mount olive was lovely; mostly flat farmy lands but still with lots of trees in between, and little one-storey homes, all with long driveways and front porches.

we grabbed dinner at andy's diner- shakes, burgers and fries (because its a diner and that's just what you HAVE to order). i guess our dinner came slowly (although neither of us noticed), so our waitress gave us a discount.

yesterday was mostly a driving day. we let ourselves sleep in until 9, took some time to repack/ reorganize the car and set out for another day of adventure.

and what an adventure it was. we decided to head for the coast, thinking we'd be driving all afternoon along the ocean. which i guess we were, but we were 15 miles inland for most of the drive, so we couldn't actually SEE the ocean. once we hit the outskirts of north myrtle beach, south carolina, we noticed a lot of bikers (we're talking harleys here, not cyclists). like more than usual. we thought, oh, maybe its bike week in daytona beach... grrreeatttt...but no, its bike week in myrtle beach. and north myrtle beach, home of a million mini-golf places. north myrtle beach is something else, i think in the half hour we spent driving through we saw variations of only four things; seafood restaurants (most with giant crabs/ lobsters/ fish in front and on top), beachwear/accessory stores (all with GIANT sharks on the storefront, and the frontdoor is the shark's mouth), mini golf places (with volcanoes, whales, grass huts, crashed airplanes, jungle animals.. you name it, you could golf it) and motels, all welcoming bikers. it was certainly entertainting, if nothing else.

thinking we were being crafty, we ducked down a side road, hoping to find some lunch (this is around 2pm, under 32 degrees + 500% humidity remember- we're now drinking water like its our jobs). alas, all we found at the end of the road were beautiful beachfront homes, all raised up on stilts, and a dead end. we did eventually find a deli and had fantastic sandwiches and kept on truckin towards the south carolina/ georgia state line.

we spent the night 15 miles from the stateline in south carolina in another bustling hub; hardeeville. the hotel had a pool, and the town had food, and that's all that mattered to us. we went down for a swim, and there were three kids already in the pool and three people sitting nearby watching them. i had just come up from jumping in, and the little girl, who was probably about 3 or 4, starts hollering "can you hold my hand??" and looking at me.. so i asked her, "me?" and she said yes. so i swam over and she grabbed my hand, wrapped her legs around me and wouldn't let go. so we played with her brother and cousin for a while and talked to her mom and aunt and splashed around until my legs were tired from jumoing up and down with her. we then hit up the cripple crab restaurant for dinner and packed it in for the night.

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