Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madrid, the second.

Guess what? I´m still in Madrid.
Now that we´ve got that out of the way, let me tell you all about me. And what I´ve been doing- that´s obviously why you´re here, right?
Okay, so we left off just before groceries. We got some bread and nutella. Very extravagant, I know. We then went home, dressed for dinner, and headed up the street to the plaza, literally 5 doors down, and had some sangria, some bread (Meagan and AJ had some calamari, and I´ve never been a fan of deep-fried rubber bands...) then headed for a stroll. We ended up at the other end of our street - after taking the roundabout way- and got another patio spot and had some sangria and some paella- deeeelish. Then ´twas home to bed. At like 2am.
The very next day we awoke to SCREECHING children. No, not really, they were actually SCREECHING birds. Still, most unpleasant. But we managed to kind of ish go back to sleep. When we did wake up for real we headed back towards the palace to hit up the gardens and the park. We found the garens no problem. We did not actually make it to the park. We pretty much went right by without even noticing. Oops. We did stumble onto a temple though. An Egyptian temple. Foreshadowing? I think so! It´s real name is the Debod temple. It is very very old. Let me tell you what I learnt...
The temple was built originally 15 km south of Aswan[1] in southern Egypt very close to the first cataract of the Nile and to the great religious center dedicated to the goddess Isis, in Philae. In the early 2nd century BC, Adikhalamani (Tabriqo), the Kushite king of Meroë, started its construction by building a small single room chapel dedicated to the god Amun.[1] It was built and decorated on a similar design to the later Meroitic chapel on which the Temple of Dakka is based.[1] Later, during the reigns of Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy VIII and Ptolemy XII of the Ptolemaic dynasty, it was extended on all four sides to form a small temple, 12 X 15 m, which was dedicated to Isis of Philae. The Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius completed its decorations.[2]

Not true. Well, technically, true, but that´s not what I actually learnt from being there. I learnt that it was given to the Spanish for helping out the Egyptians when they got themselves into a pickle. And that doorways are very tricky things for old temples because they not only let in the priests (which is what you want in a temple) but they also let in the WEATHER! and when your temple is built of sandstone, weather is very bad.

So the temple was looovely. And the stroll we took post-temple was nice, annnnd I´m trying to remember what came next. Clearly it made a big impression on me. WELL it was something like go to the store, buy a journal- because I intentionally left mine at home in a vain attempt at trying to become someone who doesn´t feel the need to record EVERYTHING. Didn´t work. We alsop bought 1.95 € wine. Went home, had nutella sandwiches and wine, and then went out awandering for some sangria.

TODAY goes like this.. wake up and greet the day, go to the bus station to get tickets for BARCELONA-we leave tomorrow night, wander, determine we´re not actually wandering towards anything and everything is closed porque its Sunday, and that´s the Lord´s day dontcha know? So we walked backwards to the metro. Another lie, we just turned around and walked forwards to the metro, and metroified all the way to el parque. It was all très belle, musicians and duckings and boats on water (I know, go figure eh) and roses and fountains and people and stuff. Quite nice, quite nice. We bought cold drinks, sat in the shade, then moved to the grass, sat in the sun, and then the shade again and then it was lunch time (eating, one of my favourite times of day). Alas, we had to leave the park behind and seek out a meal. Which was delicious. We had croissants with ham and cheese and they were toasted and wonderful. AND NOW here I am.. still on the internet. Ands its 530 and I havent siestaed yet. OH thats what we did yesterday. UM ok, I am going now.

Lessons learned ( learned? learnt? whatever.)
1. um. um. birds in the morning SUCK
2. today we went by a thermometre that read 40 degrees. drinking water is important to life.
3. that´s it.


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