Friday, October 22, 2010

transit, fortune squirrels and BBQs

Today I got chastized for not updating my blog. Personally, I didn't think people really cared that much about my daily life. But what do I know? Apparently not as much as I sometimes think I do...

So, this one goes out to my adoring (albeit, very small) public..

And since I now know how much you care about my daily life, I'm going to share some really fun Brooke-trivia with you. Yes, I'm spoiling you. Don't get used to it. Ok...My most-played song is American Girl by Tom Petty at an embarrassing and kind of impressive 1050 plays. Interestingly enough, it's also my third most-skipped song at 109 skips. Baby (You've Got What It Takes) by Michael Buble is first most-skipped at 309. My current desktop background is of Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, from 2007 when Braden and I roadtripped America (the first time). I had a sesame bagel with cream cheese for lunch today. My socks are white with two black stripes around the toes. Tug (my dog)'s favourite toy is named TigerStick. I buy family-sized toothpaste- Colgate Total plus whitening. 

Oh wow. This is going to be good. I'm standing at the seabus in north van, waiting to ferry across the inlet to downtown to hop on the train to my fabbity fabfab loft. These transit details aren't really important at all. What really matters is the man in the brown suit’s beautiful whiteman Afro. The poor lad! He looks like he could even be a nice fellow, I wonder if he maybe lost a bet? Like he bet on the Canucks beating the Wild... Embarrassing...

Now I'm on the seabus. Which I sometimes call the seamus (pronounced Shay-mus) like it’s Irish. It's more exotic. Plus it's how my phone autocorrects the word seabus.. We're not moving yet.. Its dark and rainy- winter arrived in Vancouver tonight. On the scale of 1 to excited I'm probably a 2.76 regarding biking to work tomorrow at 535am.. Oh, we're moving now! Whirrrrrrr!

Alright, so besides the fact that I now wish I was the guy sitting across from me so that I too could be eating a timmies bagel, this morning I rode my bike through a horror movie set. It was very dark- 540am is like that this time of year... And the moon was a day or two from bring full (unless it actually was full, I'm not a lunologist).. There was an eagle in a treetop, I couldn't see him, but he was laughing his eagle laugh at me. Which is really cool when you're not alone on your bike going to work in the dark, then it's creeptastic. So just to be safe I covered my blinking light in case he got confused and dive-bombed my bike... I'm sure you'd have done the same. Then the fog rolled in. Wispy and hanging just over the road and making all the lights eerie and all the shadows extra spooky.

science world and bc place
I'm downtown now! The miracles of public transit never cease to amaze me. Still raining. But it's sparklier rain in the city.

I did make it to work in one piece. And only minorly freaked out. But a coffeeshop is probably the least freaky place ever, so it was just fine. I spent the rest of the day building a crow. Until I had to go to the dentist, where I got a gold star. YAY ME.

Home now. It seems I’ve drawn a blank, I guess I think better when I’m surrounded by strangers. I had so many brilliant ideas on the train. Then I got home and now I don’t remember… think think think.

Oh yeah. Ok, question for you: would you go see a movie called Banditos and the Good Fortune Squirrel? It’s about a couple of raccoons and a black squirrel (today I learned that something like only 1 in every 16,000 squirrels are black squirrels…and that makes them good luck…?) and they are on the hunt for a therapeut. Which is where therapeutic milk comes from. That’s a long story though, so I’m not going to bother with that now… anyway the squirrel is magical and whenever it smiles it rains acorns and dollars. You’d see that movie right? I personally think it’s brilliant, and am starting on the screenplay tomorrow.

the BHannas go to a game
I would now like to take this moment and fill you in on the more general things that have been occurring in my life relatively recently… I moved into a new apartment. I live 2 blocks away from the Olympic Village- where the athletes lived during the 2010 Games. It’s AMAZING. My new place, the Village, everything about this place is the best. I’ve even got insuite laundry! Livin’ the dream! I went to see Toby Keith in concert. And to the Air Show where I learned a lot about planes and got a whole bunch of really cool temporary tattoos. I spent a weekend in Connecticut with Meagan, Julio and AJ and it was so great to see them and catch up. I spent a week in Canmore and a wonderful overnight in Edmonton with Playgroup friends. I joined a soccer team. I’ve been running lots. I went glow-in-the-dark-bowling last week. And to a Canucks game- always a great time. I’m addicted to Hellcats, which is probably the cheesiest show on TV… but it’s filmed in Vancouver! And set in Memphis… if someone can explain that one to me, I’ll give you a good fortune squirrel. Having been to both cities, I would say the only similarity between the two is that they both have roads, people and buildings.
you're not allowed to be sad at a Canucks game

I’m also addicted to this blog : You should all read it. I want to be Ben’s friend. Ben makes me want to run every single day. Sadly, my shins do not support this lifestyle and I must occasionally take a day or two off and spend a little quality time with icepacks tied to my legs. I think you’ll like Ben too. Especially if you run. Or have ever thought about running.
Ben is on my BBQ List.

Some people have a bucket list. Some people have a who-would-you-invite-to-a-dinner-party list. I have a Barbeque List.  I don’t really like dinner parties. When I picture dinner parties I see a long, lace-decorated table with an ornate candelabra in the centre, in a dimly lit, oak-paneled room with lace sheers and velvet curtains. Not really inviting.  Not that I’ve ever actually been to a dinner party like that… but still.  So instead, may I present to you, the Barbeque List- a list of people you want to mingle with in a backyard or on a patio, with a couple beers and some burgers.  I would invite Ben to the BBQ.

Who else is invited, you may ask? Let me give you a quick overview- please bear in mind this is a work in progress, the actually BBQ isn’t for a while, so people may be added to the list at any time… Invitees so far… Shea Weber, Sidney Crosby, Mason Raymond, Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs), Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, Scott and Justin (from Departures), Jon Montgomery, Shelly-Anne Brown (and her extended family), Gord Downie, Patrick Marleau, Rick Hansen, Anze Kopitar, Tom Hanks, Jonathan Toews, Zac Brown (plus band), Desmond (from Lost), Bill Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Clara Hughes, Batman, Kevin Martin, David Attenborough, Seth Cohen (from the OC), Ron and Don (McLean and Cherry), Jim Cuddy, Jack Johnson, Brad Paisley, Jacob (also from Lost), Quatchi.
So please, if you know any of these people, or if you know someone who knows someone whose third cousin is one of these people, please let them know they’re invited and give them my number. But seriously, do it. I’ll bake cookies for you. And since my name rhymes with cookie, I’m really really good at baking cookies.  (you’re lucky my name isn’t Moccoli or Thurnip).

I think that’s probably enough for you for now.