Wednesday, November 17, 2010

officer daniels, marine officer

it was a dark and stormy morning. and i went running. it was the kind of stormy morning that soaks you right through within a couple minutes of stepping outside. so needless to say, i was throughly drenched early on in my little run. oh yeah, it was mad windy too. heaps o' fun. there were very few people out on the seawall- a vancouver rarity; there's almost always people out strolling/running/biking/not knowing how to walk (KEEP TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE). i was halfway through my run, and i knew there was a biker coming up behind me, but just wasn't passing me. he pulled up slowly beside me and says "GOOD FOR YOU!!" (for being out running). i hollered back "hey, you too!" and we went our separate ways. and it made my morning. and probably my day. nice people rule

last weekend, i hid out on denman island. my very favourite place in the whole wide world. it was a cloudy, rainy kind of weekend (are you catching on to the wet coast winter theme?), so i snuggled up in plaid flannel and a wool sweater and my sweet new plaid-ish ski socks. island fashion at its finest. i also wore jeans. just so you don't think i forgot to put on pants when i got dressed…braden and i spent the weekend doing nothing. we drove into "town", we ate pizza, we watched hockey, i ran.. thats about all that happened. until we had a ferry debacle on the way home and got home much later than we had planned. ah well. 

the other day- remembrance day- i worked late, so i took myself out for a run in the morning. i was just passing by bc place around 11am, just as some of my buddies from the airshow were doing a fly-by. i was so focused on the cool airplanes overhead that i ran into a fence. smooth moves brooke. then i went to work and it flooded. awesome.

channelling my inner bella swan.
recently, during a hellcatseroony/ jack & cokeroony night, i somehow found myself taking online personality tests..yep, i'm that girl. here are some of the results…
  • if i were a dog, i'd be a bulldog.
  • if i were a twilight character, i'd be bella. (don't get me started on how much i HATE bella. i was not impressed with this result. but i took several different quizes hoping for a less emo answer. all the studies concur, i am bella swan).
  • if i were a taylor swift song, i'd be fearless

and my favourite of all: 
  • if i were a fish, i'd be a common fish. SERIOUSLY?! what does that mean? there is no such thing as a COMMON FISH. come onnnnnnn. 

alright, i had to go out for a few hours- a lunch date and some shopping. remember how it was a dark and stormy morning? well, by the time i was showered and dressed to go downtown, it was beautiful and sunny. i'm telling ya, the weather in this city is definitely bipolar. you'd be silly to leave home without your sunglasses, umbrella, mittens, toque and quasi-rainproof footwear. you also probably want a jacket with a hood. and i promise, you'll use all of these items at least once throughout the day. no matter how you're dressed when you leave home in the morning, it will be all wrong by the time you leave to go back home. so BE PREPARED. like a boyscout. 

paddle board + dog. not false creek though...
um. today i went to a craft fair. it was pretty fantastic. all kinds of women wearing weird knitwear and stuff. i ate some chocolate covered raspberries. there was a man with an eagle head on a staff. mom wouldn't let me pet it. there were people selling dog jackets. and handmade salad tossers (that's a thing, right?). and "art" and a MAN WITH AN EAGLE HEAD ON A STICK! and a blacksmith. and lots of sparkly things. and two really bored boyfriend/husbands talking about how they were going to throw a hat down and start singing and dancing for money. i would've given them money. and maybe thought about joining them. post-craftiness, mom and i went to mink (because that's where we go when we're downtown and need a coffee) and saw a certain 25-year-old buddy (sort of). then i walked home. in the sunshine. and i saw a dog in a sweater. OH! and even better! a man on a paddleboard with a dog! crossing false creek. fantastic.

i'm going to go now. i'm going to try a new thing, where i keep you updated once a month. i make no promises though. i'm going to have to become more interesting or i'm going to lose you. i'll do my best to rise to the occasion. 

wait- some of my favourite songs of the "right now" include- quiet your mind (zac brown band), stars in alabama (jamey johnson), romeo's tune (keith urban), fiddler's green (the hip) and mean (TAYTAY!).

oh, one more thing- how great is mario bliznak (62)? bliznak bliznak bliznak. so much fun to say. and a very unexpected goal-scorer (that one time…). dreamboat. 

bliznaky and t-glass. cute.
done for realeroony now- 

note: sorry bout the font weirdness- well, the unintended font weirdness.. not really sure what happened...PEACE