Monday, December 27, 2010

like a well-dressed duck in a three-piece tux

Hello world! it's me, Brooke!

Happy mid-holiday-recovery-period! We've made it through the Christmasness, revelled in the glory that is Boxing Day, and in less than a week it starts all over again. only it's called New Years. and there's no presents. or turkey. or annoying songs. (author's note: I'm not hating on all Christmas carols.. just the stupid ones.. since I adore lists, I'll provide you with a smattering of my favourites…
-baby it's cold outside
-happy christmas (war is over)
-winter wonderland
my domestic skillz are undeniable
ALL TIME FAVOURITE: Silver Bells. the Roch Voisine version. 
Favourite album as a whole: Fred Penner- Christmastime. 
turns out I don't have that many favourites…author note over). 
As promised: my Dr. Seuss-threw-up gingerbread house...-->

This was a solid Christmas, nearly one for the ages. The lead-up was frantic, but everything turned out in the end (as it always seems to). Let me tell you all about it!
Christmas Eve Eve was Tear Up the Town night. (You: "what night??"). Tear Up the Town night! (you: "is that a thing?"). Of course it is. (you: "nope, I'm pretty sure you made that up").  I might have. But it still happened. After a day of packing/ organizing/ cleaning (on Ally's part) and sitting around (on my part) and a Mason Raymond run, we hit the city. And by that I mean we went to a bar or two, saw some Christmas trees, watched some hockey and football, visited Edwhale Cullen and spent the rest of the night watching the OC at home. (you: "wow.. you really know how to have fun…"). Thanks. 
Real Christmas Eve day started at 540am. We went to el aeroporto, got some Timmies, went to West Vannie and sat in the dark (the power went out.. not by choice), went to the ferry and finally ended up in Victoria for the beginning of a Very Hanna Christmas. We don't have a whole ton of Christmas traditions in my family, but one of them is Chinese food for Christmas Eve. So that's what we did. After a quick sing-along with Scott, Justin and Andre (Departures-style), we went to bed so Santa would come. 
Christmas day was leisurely; I crossworded, Braden photoshopped himself into pictures with Taytay, mom and dad ran, we drank champagne. It was all quite perfect. As you can see from the pictures, we are very cutting-edge when it comes to headwear. Its ok to be jealous. 

Best thing ever: BLIZNAK jersey. Represent! After a lovely Christmas dinner with family, we settled in for another Christmas tradition: Star Wars. But for real. Nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader. 
Boxing day (my favourite holiday fyi) morning I flew back to Vancouver bright and early to be at work for 9am. I spent the day crosswording (best part of Christmas- the GIANT newspaper crosswords!!!).   I went for a little Boxing night run, just as the game ended, so I dodged my way through sad Oilers fans around the seawall.

Favourite time of day: sunrise. Not the waking up part, that sucks every time. But it's almost always worth it. It's like sunset, but just for you, because everyone else is still in bed. Well, except in winter, when it's 9am and the sun is rising and everyone else is awake too.. 
flying home
Know what's weird? When you read your horoscope and they're eerily accurate. I'm not a believer in astrology, I do think its interesting, but that's about it.. yesterday though, my horoscope in the Province was dead-on, it was weird. (you: "cool story Hansel").

I'm listening to… Penguin, James Penguin (brad paisley). Southern Voice (tim mcgraw). Put you In a Song (keith urban). Louisiana Rain (tom petty) the whole blue rodeo album The Things We Left Behind. Whatcha Say (jason derulo).

I'm reading… Uncle Tom's Cabin (harriet beecher stowe). I've been taking my sweet time with it, but I'm loving it. I feel like if you liked To Kill a Mockingbird, you would enjoy this one. 

annnnnnnnnnnd now I sound like Oprah. so sorry. I should go now. 
well of course you did. 

WAIT! shout-out: TEAM CANADA'S WORLD JUNIORS TEAM. bring it home boys! 

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