Wednesday, December 8, 2010

victory. eternally.

one of my favourite things: flying at night.
'specially over eastern and central north america- all the little towns connected by fingers of streetlights. it's all so peaceful and pretty.

recap of the last week. it's been an unusual week. that's why we're recapping together. 
the meanest cat in old chicago town

mom and i spent sunday night through tuesday night in chicago. chitown. the windy city (true story). we spent 2 days straight on our feet, walking walking walking (and a never-ending-feeling run) with the exception of the all-too-short windows we set aside for sleeping (we called those windows "nighttime"). despite the fact that i could barely get off the plane when we landed in vancouver because my legs were so stiff, it was a great trip. we saw friends. we window-shopped. we ate. we drank. we were merry.
thursday night i went to leonard cohen. that man can sing. forever. seriously- i left at the 3 hour mark. i just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer (in my defense, i'd been up at 5.15am to get to work for 6…). 
saturday was a little bit of shopping and lunch with my brother. then a soccer game; 2-0 victory for team blue! 10 game winning streak (even more impressive since we've only had 10 games!), we're keeping up with sid and the pens. after a quick shower and shot of whiskey, it was off to the soccer christmas party.
woo! WOO! woo!
and finally, sunday. was work in the morning, then a stroll across the bridge into the city to watch my boys take on the blues. in spite of mayray not being there, and losing 3-2, it was a fun night. we'll get 'em next time boys.

a free observation: if you want to see a city at its very finest, go during the christmas season. everything is more magical draped in twinkling lights. its a scientific fact: normal city < twinkle city. chicago did not disappoint- giant wreaths, pretty lights, some reindeer, all the stores are all decked out…its the best.

fun and interesting stories:

1. in chicago i went into the apple store to see if by some miracle they could make my phone get service while in america. the apple genius took my phone from me, turns it on and says "oh, i'm sorry, you're a canucks fan [canucks app on my phone, not psychic].. i can't help you". and if we hadn't just been DESTROYED 7-1 by the hawks a couple weeks ago, i would've come up with a brilliant and disarming reply. alas, all i could come up with at the time though was "nooo way man, this is our year, we got it. and please can you make my phone work?" he did. i love him for it. but it would never work out long term. at least he's not a sens fan. 

2. also in chicago the mall we walked through had a pet-relief station, complete with biscuits, a water bowl and baggies. IN THE MALL. way to go chicago!

little tug. not unlike hydropuppy.
3. today was a busy day of pre-moving moving. greyhound and sally-ann trips. so by the end of the day i was getting a little (or a lot) cranky. but ally and i were still car-dancing to JT. a bc hydro truck pulled up next to us at the stoplight. i peered in to see if one of the two guys was owen (side story: i don't actually know owen.. i just know he works for hydro and likes to kayak or something..i though maybe i'd recognize him as an owen). no owen (at least not that i know of). anyway, the two guys obviously saw us rocking out and me creeping on them. so they started creeping on us. THEN all of a sudden they had a puppy. a little chocolate lab. and they made her wave at us. BEST THING EVER. so not-owens, thanks for being the best.

4. tonight at dinner there was a lady wearing a jacket covered in biggish sequins. she looked like a giant, scaly fish. 

5. last night was gingerbread house night. mine looks like "dr. seuss threw up". pictures to follow.

6. WE GOT SNOW! for 4 days straight! its gone now, its raining again- radio quote: "tomorrow there's a 70% chance of rain. there's a good chance of rainbows." but the snow was so pretty. another favourite thing - snow.

that may be the end of fun and interesting. at least for today.

currently listening to: all i do is win (dj khaled), club can't handle me (flo-rida), as she's walking away (zac brown band ft. alan jackson) song for a winter's night (gordon lightfoot), california girls (katy perry)...i'm not proud of all of these..

olympic village snow day!
time to kill? 
watch this:
lou poetry--- 

do a quiz: (do countries of the world. my record is 175/195)

a shout-out: sid the kid, you rock.

one last thing- this is me extending a bbq invite to danhuis- that's dan hamhuis, fyi. he seems like a good guy. he's on the list. (yeah, it's that easy)

ok. bye.

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