Friday, January 28, 2011

toast, thumb-holes and photo booth

Riddle me this; is there anything that smells better than cinnamon raisin toast? I have yet to find something. As an added bonus it reminds me of Ikea… so I get deliciousness accompanied by visions of clean lines and fun names. 

So I missed maybe two soccer practices earlier this month, and now everyone calls me Tory. Tory's the new girl. I've been there since the summer. COME ON GUYS! Ok, it's actually mostly the men's team that calls me Tory.. but still. Interesting side-note; my parents almost named me Tori (avec an I- classy stylz), but did not (obviously). 

If I were designing clothes, all sweaters would have thumb-holes. They're brilliant! 10 points to whoever came up with that scheme! 

thumb-holes= more convincing moose
Life update: we're in the rebuilding phase now. Hurricane Brooke is now just a memory. Soccer's back. Work is slowly coming back (hayyy thurr coffeelovers! i love youuu). Running is getting back on track (it's being spiced up with some mermaiding and futbol-ing, so it's not where it was before Christmas, but it's more varied). The department in charge of longer-term plans is also making progress; I start school April 4th, here in Vancouver (we're going to assume they love me and accept me…). Watch out world of graphic design- I'm going to talk you in circles and probably make laser noises at you (you've been warned).  This department is also looking into the housing situation. So, if you stumble across any ballin' 1BR places in Fairview or Kits, holla at me! (PLEASE)!!

The other day on the bus, there was a man sitting in front of me. In shorts, socks, sandals and a hawaiian-print t-shirt. In January. Suuure it's been up to 15 this week, but is there ever a right time for hawaiian prints? Imma go ahead and say no. I will give him props for being ballsy enough to rock it. Plus I feel bad just ragging on a total stranger. 

Essay-writing tips; stay away from Sum 41 while trying to write an application essay. It's hard to focus when all you want to do is tear it up at a grade-school party

We like to drink our beer/water/chocolate milk from a mason jar. Mmmmhmmm hmm hmm I love this bar/place/kitchen table. (Toby Keith with a little help from yours truly..).
i swear i'm not wearing a turtleneck

I was reading the obituaries yesterday- which really sounds more morbid than it is, some of them are really fantastically written and make me wish I had met the person- and came across an obit for an older man- a BC guy and football player. I guess once his team got to play at the old Empire Stadium (where the Lions used to play), and that was included in his obituary. It got me thinking how something that seems so small and insignificant to everyone else, can mean so much to one person. That day was probably one of this man's defining moments (we've all got 'em), and yet for everyone working at the Stadium, it was just another day at work. Life's funny like that sometimes

Vancouver's been engulfed by a cloud. A rain cloud actually. A perfect day to curl up on the floor in front of the fire with some Blue Rodeo, Simon & Garfunkel and a book.  Have I mentioned how much I am loving doing nothing with my days? I keep waiting for it to get old.. I mean, I don't usually even like spending an afternoon in West Van, and now I'm just so happy to be here.. it's been an unexpected turn of events, that's for darned sure. 

Exciting head's up! Saturday, Feb 5th is coming up soon! It's International Ice Cream for Breakfast day! Totally legit. I know I'll be celebrating with a heaping bowl of mint chocolate chip. Looks like Christmas has some serious competition for my 2nd favourite holiday spot. 

Ever have those times when you're working away on your computer, then something in real life will grab your attention? And as soon as you're out of the zone, you actually start to listen to what's been playing in the background? That just happened. I Need Love by N*Sync is blasting. When it happened earlier, it was the Eurythmics. Embarrassing. 

You may have noticed the striking similarity between all these pictures.. my new sweater, photo booth and I were having a grand old time together. Please stop judging me. kthnx. iloveyou.

ROCK! (it's what we're all about.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

awesome possum.

Alright, I've been perusing the Book Of Awesome while on this self-imposed vacation (which I am LOVING, thanks for asking). I obviously need to chip in my two cents... 

Things that are awesome:

I know, I know, I've said it before. It really is awesome though; a whole world just for me? Yes please!

sunrise. darjeeling-style.

The national anthem at hockey games. 
I guess the national anthem at most sporting events... but I feel like it's better at hockey games. There's a chance I'm biased though... anyway, you can't not love it.

Weird dreams.
I had a dream that an octopus ate my sock. Don't worry, my foot wasn't in it, I'd kicked it off because I'd stepped on a crab. This all happened in the basement (in my dream…I wasn't sleeping in the basement…). 

The woo!
I don't care that it makes us sound like the dumbest fans in the NHL. It's fun. It's catchy. It makes me giggle.
WOO! woo! WOO! 

When graffiti says happy things.
I love when walls love me.

Jason. Spezza. Laughing. 
And hey, here's another! (Probably the cutest thing ever).

When random old men give you a satchel of lavender. 
Um.. thanks?

Nice people.
Animator guy (medium dark coffee). Genuinely felt badly that I had to go through weirdness in Chicago. It was nice. 
Small Americano guy was pretty excited I'd dropped out of school to come home to make coffee (not exactly my reasons, but close enough…). 

When really wonderful things happen to good people.
Sometimes the world works just as it should. 

Bliss balls.
Who in their right mind would buy, then serve a dessert called Bliss Balls? 
Ok, yeah, I do kind of wanna try them… 

Tug especially. But most dogs are hard not to love.
Come on, someone who's (almost) always excited to see you? That's pretty great.

When your sibling gets in trouble for being a dingbat.
And it really isn't your fault this time.

Things that aren't awesome. (Because sometimes you need the less-than-awesome to remind you how awesome the awesome really is.) 

Burning your hand. 
Because you poured scalding milk on it. Moron. 
Go wash your hair with one hand. It's a challenge. And not in the kind of way that makes you a better or stronger person, more in the way that makes your hair really only half clean. 

Subway commercials.
I H8 U.

Things that I think would be incredibly satisfying:

Throwing a potato. Or two. Or three.
At pretty much anything. A wall. A car. A glass window would be especially grand. (There's a chance I was feeling a little angsty the other day while walking around holding two potatoes…).

Ok, what if Paul Revere had tripped or forgotten his wallet and not warned the Americans in time? Would America now be a part of Canada? Would the whole course of history be changed? That's a pretty fateful ride. Ponder that for me, will ya? Then, could you also imagine if his horse was invisible. If everyone rode invisible horses. That would be weird.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

memories and mermaids

So, wanna talk drama queenLet's flash back to grade 12. I've been cleaning out my closet and stumbled on two giant stacks of cds. Most of which hold music, all of which I've helpfully titled "Brooke" or 'brooke' or "BrOoKe".. you get the idea. They all pretty reliably hold Lucky by Britney Spears (that was a long phase), Fly Away from Here by Aerosmith, and Drops of Jupiter by Train
But then I also found some cds with old school work/ life things (obviously, also helpfully titled Brooke). And one of them had old blog entries. And boyyyyy did I think I was a big deal! (I'm saying this like things have changed…) Example:

life circa 2005.. on and around Vancouver Island
"let's face it, i've gotten better at avoiding the paparazzi, so i'm sure that my fans (you)  have been wondering what i've been up to since june. let me give you an aptly named briefing..[…] i took off for my tour of duty in Namibia cultivating crops with the Crop Rotating Operation Police. i spent a week in the fields and have gained a greater appreciation of all things croppy.  as mentioned in a previous entry, i spent a week making appearances in my darling little Canmore.  i had a spell of illness which left me at home with nothing to do but redo the kitchen.  for my birthday i jetted off to beautiful British Columbia where i had a light meal in Victoria and spent two weeks visiting dignitaries and colleagues on and around Vancouver Island.  i have since returned home and have been occupying myself with the fight against flood-related diseases and hemochromatosis (don't worry, the two are unrelated.. so if you live in a flood plain; which btw i do not reccomend, you probly won't get hemochromatosis when you lose your home and all your precious heirlooms in the flood).
so that's been my summer, and i like to think that it's been a season of truth and enlightenment for all involved."

pretty clouds flying home to vancouver
I must have been EXHAUSTING to be around! Again, we're pretending things have changed since then.. 

Let's move on before this gets (more) awkward, shall we?

Things I enjoy: when it's sunny outside the plane and you lean you head against the windowshade and its warm. This isn't currently the case (I'm sitting at home in the kitchen…) but leaning my head against the cold windowshade on my flight home reminded me how much I enjoy it when they're warm.

Things I've learned recently: avoid total emotional meltdowns in areas where it's long distance to call home. While roaming. Ouch.

Wanna know something totally nutballs? (and yes, people DO say that.. all the time… who are you hanging out with?) The pilot on my flight home had the same name as my friend's dad. SMALL WORLD! or common name..

That night in Torontoooooo, 
with its checkerboard floors
riding on horsebaaaaaaaack
and keeping order restored...
I definitely always thought this song was about something else entirely. I like my version better; so from now on, that line in Bobcaygeon is about marching up Yonge street in Toronto with  William Lyon Mackenzie King leading the charge. And then it turns into a concert which I picture happening in front of the old Maple Leaf Gardens. and I'm pretty sure I am wildly incorrect. I'm pretty sure I combined two guys into one and wasn't one of them a big deal in Winnipeg and not Toronto? I need a fact-checker. Sorry Canadian history. Also sorry for the singing… 

the mermaid dream goes way back.
Today I went to the swimming pool. I was in the far left lane, there was an old man in the lane next to me, then the Masters Swim group (of which my mom is a member). I spent 45 minutes pretending to be a mermaid. At one point I thought the old man next to me was pretending to be a shark… turns out this was not the case. Disappointing. The Masters did try to recruit me. They don't really look like mermaid lovers though. They just kind of swim really fast. For a long time. Not sure how that would fit with my style. 

Tunes I'm loving: You Look Good in my Shirt (Keith Urban). All Your Life (The Band Perry- SO CUTE). Hip to My Heart (also The Band Perry). My Little Girl (Jack Johnson). Long Live and Ours (tswift). I'd Rather Be With You (Joshua Radin).

Superbowl thoughts: well, as an avid fan and regular watcher of the NFL, I'm obviously well-suited to make some picks. Actually, that's a lie. But since all the teams belonging to people I know are out now, I'm putting my money on the Bears (because I once lived in Chicago) and/or the Jets (because of Mark Sanchez)...I'm still on the fence. 

One last thing- I was driving downtown today and was forced to stop at a red light for some pedestrians. One guy had a two-toned blazer on. Like the change-colour-depending-on-the-light kind of two-tone. Brown and blue baby. Dream. Boat. (I might actually secretly love him for it..)

Look both ways! Be great!
stop. hammertime.

Friday, January 14, 2011

this blog is because of braden.

so, i was living in america for a week. and i went to the grocery store like twice. and i looked for the 'only-in-america' gum. and i couldn't find it. and i even went to target. so now i guess it's an 'only-in-canada' gum...
would you like a knuble casserole?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i have something to tell you.
it's important.
i made a mistake. i learnt a lesson.

remember when i told you quatchi and i had moved to chicago? well, we did (really, why would i bother lying about that?), and now we're moving away. vancouver here we come.

what happened?!?
what happened was my reasons for coming here were never actually my own. i felt like i had to live up to the expectations of others. i dreaded the question "so, are you excited to go!?" because i honestly wasn't. ever. it just seemed like the easy next step in life; what else was i going to do? and that's not the right reason to stay. and it wasn't the right reason to come in the first place (in fact i think someone else once said something about hindsight being 20/20).
another good indicator was saying goodbye to my parent's at the vancouver airport. i am not an airport crier. because normally i'm so excited to be going wherever it is i'm going. i like airports (as long as its not a long-term thing...) and i like travelling (shocker, i know) so, no crying. sure, i miss people and places, but if i miss you that much, i'm going to find a way to come see you. this time though, i was a train-wreck. and then some. and i was so genuinely upset, i didn't care that people were staring at me (we're talking denzel-washington-Unstoppable-train-wreck here). 

never-ending milwaukee bookstore
i would like to say that i could see myself living in chicago one day. i just can't see myself at school here. which means that i'm not really allowed to live in america. but the city has been great. i've gotten sunshine. i've gotten a blizzard (SO exciting! snowing days are just the prettiest things in the history of everything). there are so many things i need to come back and see- museums, aquariums, the canucks beating the hawks, architecture, pizzas, summertime, friends… so, Chicago, thanks for being fascinating. sorry for being a basket-case, i'll be back. i'll be slightly better adjusted. until we meet again

pre-game dinner; katie, her niece joanna and i 

let me tell you all about 
my week in america... i spent a weekend in wisconsin (just crossed that one off the list; 13 states left to go!) with katie from the boat. and it was such a fun-filled weekend! we went to dinner, we wine toured (ok, we really just wine tasted..), we spent time with her brother and his family, we found an amazing book store in miliwaukee AND we went to an admirals game! AND they were playing the toronto marlies. AND the admirals is the pred's farm team! it was so exciting! even though i spent the night being harassed for being canadian (half-kiddinnnnnggg). and then for losing (1-0 in shootouts though. only half counts as losing). i was really surprised by how much i liked wisconsin. it's really pretty. i'd definitely recommend you make the trip sometime.

andrea, ben, me, casey and cloud gate in the SNOW!
i spent a day at orientation for school (which is when i had another cosmic meltdown and realized that it just wasn't right for me to be here). i spent another day unenrolling myself. i've tried to learn to run on the treadmill.. turns out it sucks. give me outside running ANYTIME. consistent pace and shock-absorption be damned. if i can't run more than 13 minutes straight because i'm MIND-NUMBINGLY bored, it's not worth it. they invented sidewalks and trails for a reason. (me. i am that reason).

oh yeah, and i met someone on my BBQ list. nobigdeal. (i'm lying its a HUGE DEAL!) 'member that blog i was/ am hooked on? ben does life? HERE!! was this day. towards the bottom...
WELL. i went for a run with ben yesterday. and andrea and casey (don't worry, you don't know them, we just met yesterday). 
and it was snowing and so pretty and we made snow-angels and we took pictures and we hung out over coffee after. and when i say we took pictures, it's important to note that i was IN pictures, i obviously didn't bring my camera avec moi.. winnerrrr

know what i adore? videos of people dancing. and just plain old dancing people in general. hugh grant, love actually? BEST EVER. check it out.... *thank you AT for the link*

we're not from around here...
music. now. if i die young (the band perry). weighty ghost (wintersleep). this end of the telescope (jakob dylan). i'm not afraid (eminem). i'm only me when i'm with you (tswift). wildflowers (tom petty).

you're probably wondering what comes next for me. i'm wondering the same. graphic design is what i want to do. there's an awesome school for it in vancouver. there's a chance to do some travelling. there's an invitation to "shred whistler" with this guy i met once... there's a quilt to be made. there's a puppy to get (we're talking mid-to-long term now). there are races to be run. pittsburgh half anyone? may 15. mom and dad's anniversary. be there. i'm not worried. 
it'll all work out. it always does.

may you always walk on rainbows

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

thanks a lot, getzlaf

hey gang.
this is going to be a longish one. you might want to get a spot of tea and a biscuit before you sit down to tackle this guy.

housekeeping (haha like i've EVER done any housekeeping in my entire life):
for those not in the loop: quatchi and i have moved to chicago. (you: "whaaaaa? why?") for school. (you: "ohhh, das coo- how long will u b thurr?") 15 months. (you: "whatcha studyin?!") graphic design. (you: "oh."). and now you're in the loop!

and since we're going to be separated for an extended time, and i'll be so full of brilliant, award-worthy stories about dogs in jackets and weird things i see while running, i'm going to keep you updated more regularly. it'll be like i'm travelling again! (you: "oiii veyyyyy, that was a LOT of reading"). be excited! 

and now, the meaty stuff:

the stages of moving

1. denial
pretend you're not leaving. carry on as usual. lalalaa

2. admit you are leaving (everyone knows it's the first step to getting anything done)
start looking at your everyday surroundings with a huge helping of nostalgia: customers you don't like become loveable characters whom you'll remember fondly (nanaimo bar lady). that annoying bus commute in which you are sardined up against at least 6 strangers at one time is now a great community-building exercise. the endless rain becomes a punch-line "GREAT weather we're having these days eh? HAHAHA".
2.5 start telling people you're leaving. lie about being excited. be overwhelmed.

3. procrastination 
pretend you've got way more time than you actually do. put things off. make yourself about a million times more stressed than is necessary.

4. aversion and/or break-down
i don't wanna go. i'm not going to go. why would i want to leave this place? this is too hard. who am i kidding, i can't do this? what was i thinking? i'm really bad at making friends. i can't draw. i'm not arty. why aren't i going to nashville? this is such a mistake. 
stress does funny things to people. 

5. acceptance
i'm going. it will be alright. i can do this. i have to do this. nashville just doesn't make sense. start to be a little excited. for real.

6. packing
what do i need? how on earth am i going to fit ALL of this into just that one little bag? i've never worn these shoes that i've owned for 4 years but they're so pretty to look at, they should come. what if…it's warmer/colder/windier/rainier/stormier/humider/drier than i'm expecting? or what if… i go out/to a game/running/to a fancy dinner party/to the theatre/skiing/swimming/skating/play soccer/camping/to a vineyard/climb a mountain…that changes everything! 
6.5. distraction
maybe facebook has all of a sudden become fascinating. why aren't people uploading more/ better pictures? wonder who's playing tonight? what's shakin on youtube? how many times can i watch jimmy fallon pretending to be neil young singing 'whip my hair' in a row? (answer: too embarrassing to publish). i need a new desktop background. this picture is too sunny/rainy/blurry/full of memories/impersonal. speaking of pictures, i'll need to decorate my walls, better tear my closet apart and look for prints from 6 years ago of things that don't really mean that much to me anymore. at least i'll look like i'm really interesting. 
6.853. packing v. 2.0
EFF THIS NOISE. i'll just cram it all in. organization be damned. it'll be like christmas when i get there and open my bags. only to realize i've got a headlamp, all my summer tank tops, 3 stuffed quatchis, 5 bottles of bodywash and no underwear. surprise. awesome.

7. last minute things you should've done earlier
chores across town. seeing friends. admitting you don't have a clue. 

8. sleep in your bed for the last time
and when i say sleep, i obviously mean lie in bed thinking of everything you've potentially forgotten, exaggerating the size of the wall you're up against, thinking about all potential new-roommate situations, making a shopping list then prioritizing it, going over everything you're going to miss (the sunrun, your soccer team winning the cup, skiing at whistler, cherry blossoms, the summer in kits, your boys winning the stanley cup, mountains, the olympic 1 year anniversary, the ocean, the seawall, the buses, half-french labelling, timmies…), trying to think of all the cool things you'll force yourself into in order to forget these things are going on (running. running. running. quilting, weaving shoelaces into bathmats, resurfacing tabletops, counting cars on the interstate, switching things up and counting trucks on the interstate, running). and in an interesting turn of events, i decided i should also lie awake until i could name of every member of canada's gold medal men's hockey team by name AND number. why do i do these things? it really is a mystery. (author's note: if it weren't for ryan getzlaf, i would've been asleep an hour earlier). 

9. quiet car ride to the airport

10. airport
check-in, realize you've forgotten your pillow, stare at ceiling trying to keep it together, it would be stupid to cry over a forgotten pillow, look upset enough that the man waives the over-weight baggage fee (63lbs is more than the allowed 50lbs… just fyi), get your visa (you can now live in america), get your hands on some timmies, wait. enjoy the fact that the man next to you has "i gotta feeling" as his ringtone. be annoyed at the guy with the never-ending wheezing laugh (nothing is THAT funny).

11. airplane
starting thinking about how much less popular bus travel would be if they were as hardcore about security and safety as airlines. imagine bussing to chicago. picture long days of flatness and snowness and little else. takeoff, say goodbye to home. fly over beer-commercial-worthy mountains and over flat snowiness. read, blog, crossword, ipod update. regulate liquid intake so as not to have to wake up seat buddies to go to bathroom. oh, and of course: les mis soundtrack. it's my long-haul (or 3.5 hour haul) default. 

12. landing/cabbing/hotelling
all a blur

13. move in/ unpacking
busy. busy busy busy.

and that, is the moving experience

things i think are almost as good as sliced bread:

1. tanner glass; scrabble champ.
COME ON! how can you not ADORE this? what a guy!

2. mayray's back!

3. team canada: 4, team usa: 1. 
bring it, russia!
side note: my flight continues on to buffalo from chicago. if that game were tonight, there is a very good chance i would've blown all my savings and ended up in the Flo… it's too tempting! (except then i end up in buffalo.. it's a win/lose proposition). 

------------i am now moved in------------------
well, mostly… i still need things. but that's what tomorrow's for, right? i walked to target today. then i went to bed bath and beyond. i bought what i thought was a duvet. i then slugged it 30 walking-minutes home with me, feeling a little bit like a hobo the whole time. turns out it's a matressy thing… like something you'd throw down on the floor under someone so they're not sleeping ON the floor. winnerrrrrrr.
i also bought groceries. this one i've got pretty much down-pat: bread. pb. cereal. milk. pasta. tea. cheese. BUT WAIT: they don't have nesquik syrup?! confused. 
i got another kind.. hopefully it'll measure up. those are some big, chocolatey shoes to fill.

oh gosh. it's fortunate i didn't move any further east. the canucks game is already on at 9pm here. imagine if i'd gone to newfoundland? it'd be an 11:30pm puck drop. THAT's commitment. well, there goes my night..

love to all 
godspeed and good luck to you ('specially those of you playing in buffalo tonight. EAT SILVER RUSSIA!)

get ready to cheer our little boys on

i just read that getzlaf is out for 4-6 weeks… i really didn't wish him any harm. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. feel better ry