Monday, January 24, 2011

awesome possum.

Alright, I've been perusing the Book Of Awesome while on this self-imposed vacation (which I am LOVING, thanks for asking). I obviously need to chip in my two cents... 

Things that are awesome:

I know, I know, I've said it before. It really is awesome though; a whole world just for me? Yes please!

sunrise. darjeeling-style.

The national anthem at hockey games. 
I guess the national anthem at most sporting events... but I feel like it's better at hockey games. There's a chance I'm biased though... anyway, you can't not love it.

Weird dreams.
I had a dream that an octopus ate my sock. Don't worry, my foot wasn't in it, I'd kicked it off because I'd stepped on a crab. This all happened in the basement (in my dream…I wasn't sleeping in the basement…). 

The woo!
I don't care that it makes us sound like the dumbest fans in the NHL. It's fun. It's catchy. It makes me giggle.
WOO! woo! WOO! 

When graffiti says happy things.
I love when walls love me.

Jason. Spezza. Laughing. 
And hey, here's another! (Probably the cutest thing ever).

When random old men give you a satchel of lavender. 
Um.. thanks?

Nice people.
Animator guy (medium dark coffee). Genuinely felt badly that I had to go through weirdness in Chicago. It was nice. 
Small Americano guy was pretty excited I'd dropped out of school to come home to make coffee (not exactly my reasons, but close enough…). 

When really wonderful things happen to good people.
Sometimes the world works just as it should. 

Bliss balls.
Who in their right mind would buy, then serve a dessert called Bliss Balls? 
Ok, yeah, I do kind of wanna try them… 

Tug especially. But most dogs are hard not to love.
Come on, someone who's (almost) always excited to see you? That's pretty great.

When your sibling gets in trouble for being a dingbat.
And it really isn't your fault this time.

Things that aren't awesome. (Because sometimes you need the less-than-awesome to remind you how awesome the awesome really is.) 

Burning your hand. 
Because you poured scalding milk on it. Moron. 
Go wash your hair with one hand. It's a challenge. And not in the kind of way that makes you a better or stronger person, more in the way that makes your hair really only half clean. 

Subway commercials.
I H8 U.

Things that I think would be incredibly satisfying:

Throwing a potato. Or two. Or three.
At pretty much anything. A wall. A car. A glass window would be especially grand. (There's a chance I was feeling a little angsty the other day while walking around holding two potatoes…).

Ok, what if Paul Revere had tripped or forgotten his wallet and not warned the Americans in time? Would America now be a part of Canada? Would the whole course of history be changed? That's a pretty fateful ride. Ponder that for me, will ya? Then, could you also imagine if his horse was invisible. If everyone rode invisible horses. That would be weird.

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