Tuesday, January 18, 2011

memories and mermaids

So, wanna talk drama queenLet's flash back to grade 12. I've been cleaning out my closet and stumbled on two giant stacks of cds. Most of which hold music, all of which I've helpfully titled "Brooke" or 'brooke' or "BrOoKe".. you get the idea. They all pretty reliably hold Lucky by Britney Spears (that was a long phase), Fly Away from Here by Aerosmith, and Drops of Jupiter by Train
But then I also found some cds with old school work/ life things (obviously, also helpfully titled Brooke). And one of them had old blog entries. And boyyyyy did I think I was a big deal! (I'm saying this like things have changed…) Example:

life circa 2005.. on and around Vancouver Island
"let's face it, i've gotten better at avoiding the paparazzi, so i'm sure that my fans (you)  have been wondering what i've been up to since june. let me give you an aptly named briefing..[…] i took off for my tour of duty in Namibia cultivating crops with the Crop Rotating Operation Police. i spent a week in the fields and have gained a greater appreciation of all things croppy.  as mentioned in a previous entry, i spent a week making appearances in my darling little Canmore.  i had a spell of illness which left me at home with nothing to do but redo the kitchen.  for my birthday i jetted off to beautiful British Columbia where i had a light meal in Victoria and spent two weeks visiting dignitaries and colleagues on and around Vancouver Island.  i have since returned home and have been occupying myself with the fight against flood-related diseases and hemochromatosis (don't worry, the two are unrelated.. so if you live in a flood plain; which btw i do not reccomend, you probly won't get hemochromatosis when you lose your home and all your precious heirlooms in the flood).
so that's been my summer, and i like to think that it's been a season of truth and enlightenment for all involved."

pretty clouds flying home to vancouver
I must have been EXHAUSTING to be around! Again, we're pretending things have changed since then.. 

Let's move on before this gets (more) awkward, shall we?

Things I enjoy: when it's sunny outside the plane and you lean you head against the windowshade and its warm. This isn't currently the case (I'm sitting at home in the kitchen…) but leaning my head against the cold windowshade on my flight home reminded me how much I enjoy it when they're warm.

Things I've learned recently: avoid total emotional meltdowns in areas where it's long distance to call home. While roaming. Ouch.

Wanna know something totally nutballs? (and yes, people DO say that.. all the time… who are you hanging out with?) The pilot on my flight home had the same name as my friend's dad. SMALL WORLD! or common name..

That night in Torontoooooo, 
with its checkerboard floors
riding on horsebaaaaaaaack
and keeping order restored...
I definitely always thought this song was about something else entirely. I like my version better; so from now on, that line in Bobcaygeon is about marching up Yonge street in Toronto with  William Lyon Mackenzie King leading the charge. And then it turns into a concert which I picture happening in front of the old Maple Leaf Gardens. and I'm pretty sure I am wildly incorrect. I'm pretty sure I combined two guys into one and wasn't one of them a big deal in Winnipeg and not Toronto? I need a fact-checker. Sorry Canadian history. Also sorry for the singing… 

the mermaid dream goes way back.
Today I went to the swimming pool. I was in the far left lane, there was an old man in the lane next to me, then the Masters Swim group (of which my mom is a member). I spent 45 minutes pretending to be a mermaid. At one point I thought the old man next to me was pretending to be a shark… turns out this was not the case. Disappointing. The Masters did try to recruit me. They don't really look like mermaid lovers though. They just kind of swim really fast. For a long time. Not sure how that would fit with my style. 

Tunes I'm loving: You Look Good in my Shirt (Keith Urban). All Your Life (The Band Perry- SO CUTE). Hip to My Heart (also The Band Perry). My Little Girl (Jack Johnson). Long Live and Ours (tswift). I'd Rather Be With You (Joshua Radin).

Superbowl thoughts: well, as an avid fan and regular watcher of the NFL, I'm obviously well-suited to make some picks. Actually, that's a lie. But since all the teams belonging to people I know are out now, I'm putting my money on the Bears (because I once lived in Chicago) and/or the Jets (because of Mark Sanchez)...I'm still on the fence. 

One last thing- I was driving downtown today and was forced to stop at a red light for some pedestrians. One guy had a two-toned blazer on. Like the change-colour-depending-on-the-light kind of two-tone. Brown and blue baby. Dream. Boat. (I might actually secretly love him for it..)

Look both ways! Be great!
stop. hammertime.

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  1. Your caption for the last picture reminds me of a fun story I will now share.

    Last weekend. Jasper. Skiing. Walking out of the chalet, up to Liam, who suddenly yells "STOP!" and then breaks out into "hammertime". 'Dance moves' included.