Wednesday, January 5, 2011

thanks a lot, getzlaf

hey gang.
this is going to be a longish one. you might want to get a spot of tea and a biscuit before you sit down to tackle this guy.

housekeeping (haha like i've EVER done any housekeeping in my entire life):
for those not in the loop: quatchi and i have moved to chicago. (you: "whaaaaa? why?") for school. (you: "ohhh, das coo- how long will u b thurr?") 15 months. (you: "whatcha studyin?!") graphic design. (you: "oh."). and now you're in the loop!

and since we're going to be separated for an extended time, and i'll be so full of brilliant, award-worthy stories about dogs in jackets and weird things i see while running, i'm going to keep you updated more regularly. it'll be like i'm travelling again! (you: "oiii veyyyyy, that was a LOT of reading"). be excited! 

and now, the meaty stuff:

the stages of moving

1. denial
pretend you're not leaving. carry on as usual. lalalaa

2. admit you are leaving (everyone knows it's the first step to getting anything done)
start looking at your everyday surroundings with a huge helping of nostalgia: customers you don't like become loveable characters whom you'll remember fondly (nanaimo bar lady). that annoying bus commute in which you are sardined up against at least 6 strangers at one time is now a great community-building exercise. the endless rain becomes a punch-line "GREAT weather we're having these days eh? HAHAHA".
2.5 start telling people you're leaving. lie about being excited. be overwhelmed.

3. procrastination 
pretend you've got way more time than you actually do. put things off. make yourself about a million times more stressed than is necessary.

4. aversion and/or break-down
i don't wanna go. i'm not going to go. why would i want to leave this place? this is too hard. who am i kidding, i can't do this? what was i thinking? i'm really bad at making friends. i can't draw. i'm not arty. why aren't i going to nashville? this is such a mistake. 
stress does funny things to people. 

5. acceptance
i'm going. it will be alright. i can do this. i have to do this. nashville just doesn't make sense. start to be a little excited. for real.

6. packing
what do i need? how on earth am i going to fit ALL of this into just that one little bag? i've never worn these shoes that i've owned for 4 years but they're so pretty to look at, they should come. what if…it's warmer/colder/windier/rainier/stormier/humider/drier than i'm expecting? or what if… i go out/to a game/running/to a fancy dinner party/to the theatre/skiing/swimming/skating/play soccer/camping/to a vineyard/climb a mountain…that changes everything! 
6.5. distraction
maybe facebook has all of a sudden become fascinating. why aren't people uploading more/ better pictures? wonder who's playing tonight? what's shakin on youtube? how many times can i watch jimmy fallon pretending to be neil young singing 'whip my hair' in a row? (answer: too embarrassing to publish). i need a new desktop background. this picture is too sunny/rainy/blurry/full of memories/impersonal. speaking of pictures, i'll need to decorate my walls, better tear my closet apart and look for prints from 6 years ago of things that don't really mean that much to me anymore. at least i'll look like i'm really interesting. 
6.853. packing v. 2.0
EFF THIS NOISE. i'll just cram it all in. organization be damned. it'll be like christmas when i get there and open my bags. only to realize i've got a headlamp, all my summer tank tops, 3 stuffed quatchis, 5 bottles of bodywash and no underwear. surprise. awesome.

7. last minute things you should've done earlier
chores across town. seeing friends. admitting you don't have a clue. 

8. sleep in your bed for the last time
and when i say sleep, i obviously mean lie in bed thinking of everything you've potentially forgotten, exaggerating the size of the wall you're up against, thinking about all potential new-roommate situations, making a shopping list then prioritizing it, going over everything you're going to miss (the sunrun, your soccer team winning the cup, skiing at whistler, cherry blossoms, the summer in kits, your boys winning the stanley cup, mountains, the olympic 1 year anniversary, the ocean, the seawall, the buses, half-french labelling, timmies…), trying to think of all the cool things you'll force yourself into in order to forget these things are going on (running. running. running. quilting, weaving shoelaces into bathmats, resurfacing tabletops, counting cars on the interstate, switching things up and counting trucks on the interstate, running). and in an interesting turn of events, i decided i should also lie awake until i could name of every member of canada's gold medal men's hockey team by name AND number. why do i do these things? it really is a mystery. (author's note: if it weren't for ryan getzlaf, i would've been asleep an hour earlier). 

9. quiet car ride to the airport

10. airport
check-in, realize you've forgotten your pillow, stare at ceiling trying to keep it together, it would be stupid to cry over a forgotten pillow, look upset enough that the man waives the over-weight baggage fee (63lbs is more than the allowed 50lbs… just fyi), get your visa (you can now live in america), get your hands on some timmies, wait. enjoy the fact that the man next to you has "i gotta feeling" as his ringtone. be annoyed at the guy with the never-ending wheezing laugh (nothing is THAT funny).

11. airplane
starting thinking about how much less popular bus travel would be if they were as hardcore about security and safety as airlines. imagine bussing to chicago. picture long days of flatness and snowness and little else. takeoff, say goodbye to home. fly over beer-commercial-worthy mountains and over flat snowiness. read, blog, crossword, ipod update. regulate liquid intake so as not to have to wake up seat buddies to go to bathroom. oh, and of course: les mis soundtrack. it's my long-haul (or 3.5 hour haul) default. 

12. landing/cabbing/hotelling
all a blur

13. move in/ unpacking
busy. busy busy busy.

and that, is the moving experience

things i think are almost as good as sliced bread:

1. tanner glass; scrabble champ.
COME ON! how can you not ADORE this? what a guy!

2. mayray's back!

3. team canada: 4, team usa: 1. 
bring it, russia!
side note: my flight continues on to buffalo from chicago. if that game were tonight, there is a very good chance i would've blown all my savings and ended up in the Flo… it's too tempting! (except then i end up in buffalo.. it's a win/lose proposition). 

------------i am now moved in------------------
well, mostly… i still need things. but that's what tomorrow's for, right? i walked to target today. then i went to bed bath and beyond. i bought what i thought was a duvet. i then slugged it 30 walking-minutes home with me, feeling a little bit like a hobo the whole time. turns out it's a matressy thing… like something you'd throw down on the floor under someone so they're not sleeping ON the floor. winnerrrrrrr.
i also bought groceries. this one i've got pretty much down-pat: bread. pb. cereal. milk. pasta. tea. cheese. BUT WAIT: they don't have nesquik syrup?! confused. 
i got another kind.. hopefully it'll measure up. those are some big, chocolatey shoes to fill.

oh gosh. it's fortunate i didn't move any further east. the canucks game is already on at 9pm here. imagine if i'd gone to newfoundland? it'd be an 11:30pm puck drop. THAT's commitment. well, there goes my night..

love to all 
godspeed and good luck to you ('specially those of you playing in buffalo tonight. EAT SILVER RUSSIA!)

get ready to cheer our little boys on

i just read that getzlaf is out for 4-6 weeks… i really didn't wish him any harm. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. feel better ry

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