Friday, January 28, 2011

toast, thumb-holes and photo booth

Riddle me this; is there anything that smells better than cinnamon raisin toast? I have yet to find something. As an added bonus it reminds me of Ikea… so I get deliciousness accompanied by visions of clean lines and fun names. 

So I missed maybe two soccer practices earlier this month, and now everyone calls me Tory. Tory's the new girl. I've been there since the summer. COME ON GUYS! Ok, it's actually mostly the men's team that calls me Tory.. but still. Interesting side-note; my parents almost named me Tori (avec an I- classy stylz), but did not (obviously). 

If I were designing clothes, all sweaters would have thumb-holes. They're brilliant! 10 points to whoever came up with that scheme! 

thumb-holes= more convincing moose
Life update: we're in the rebuilding phase now. Hurricane Brooke is now just a memory. Soccer's back. Work is slowly coming back (hayyy thurr coffeelovers! i love youuu). Running is getting back on track (it's being spiced up with some mermaiding and futbol-ing, so it's not where it was before Christmas, but it's more varied). The department in charge of longer-term plans is also making progress; I start school April 4th, here in Vancouver (we're going to assume they love me and accept me…). Watch out world of graphic design- I'm going to talk you in circles and probably make laser noises at you (you've been warned).  This department is also looking into the housing situation. So, if you stumble across any ballin' 1BR places in Fairview or Kits, holla at me! (PLEASE)!!

The other day on the bus, there was a man sitting in front of me. In shorts, socks, sandals and a hawaiian-print t-shirt. In January. Suuure it's been up to 15 this week, but is there ever a right time for hawaiian prints? Imma go ahead and say no. I will give him props for being ballsy enough to rock it. Plus I feel bad just ragging on a total stranger. 

Essay-writing tips; stay away from Sum 41 while trying to write an application essay. It's hard to focus when all you want to do is tear it up at a grade-school party

We like to drink our beer/water/chocolate milk from a mason jar. Mmmmhmmm hmm hmm I love this bar/place/kitchen table. (Toby Keith with a little help from yours truly..).
i swear i'm not wearing a turtleneck

I was reading the obituaries yesterday- which really sounds more morbid than it is, some of them are really fantastically written and make me wish I had met the person- and came across an obit for an older man- a BC guy and football player. I guess once his team got to play at the old Empire Stadium (where the Lions used to play), and that was included in his obituary. It got me thinking how something that seems so small and insignificant to everyone else, can mean so much to one person. That day was probably one of this man's defining moments (we've all got 'em), and yet for everyone working at the Stadium, it was just another day at work. Life's funny like that sometimes

Vancouver's been engulfed by a cloud. A rain cloud actually. A perfect day to curl up on the floor in front of the fire with some Blue Rodeo, Simon & Garfunkel and a book.  Have I mentioned how much I am loving doing nothing with my days? I keep waiting for it to get old.. I mean, I don't usually even like spending an afternoon in West Van, and now I'm just so happy to be here.. it's been an unexpected turn of events, that's for darned sure. 

Exciting head's up! Saturday, Feb 5th is coming up soon! It's International Ice Cream for Breakfast day! Totally legit. I know I'll be celebrating with a heaping bowl of mint chocolate chip. Looks like Christmas has some serious competition for my 2nd favourite holiday spot. 

Ever have those times when you're working away on your computer, then something in real life will grab your attention? And as soon as you're out of the zone, you actually start to listen to what's been playing in the background? That just happened. I Need Love by N*Sync is blasting. When it happened earlier, it was the Eurythmics. Embarrassing. 

You may have noticed the striking similarity between all these pictures.. my new sweater, photo booth and I were having a grand old time together. Please stop judging me. kthnx. iloveyou.

ROCK! (it's what we're all about.)

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