Friday, February 11, 2011

burrs and borders and lifethings

Wut up? What's shakin'? Whateva.

Well now that that's been taken care of, let's talk about me a little, shall we? 
I went to America again! Just for a night though. Not an attempt at relocation. It was high time I saw some Laurens. So I picked one up at the ferry and we breezed through the border (unexpected), gobbled up some Panera (amazing sandwich, side of cookie? YES PLEASE.) and we went to Laur's to stir up some trouble. (mission accomplished). 

Seeing as it was a gorge, sunny day (a winter rarity), we headed for the GREAT OUTDOORS. Well. we went downtown. But the outside part. (Great Outdoors always sounds naturey, no? I didn't mean to lead you on like that…sorry). We hit the sculpture park- very cool. We did a LOT of deep, interpretive thinking. By which I of course mean we pretended to be boxers. And trees. And stuff. We wound up strolling along the waterfront, and happened upon a woman walking a black bear on a leash. No big deal. Wait… read it againWOMAN. WALKING. BLACKBEAR. LEASH. (admit it, I just blew your mind a little). 

Alright, then we trekked up the hill to Froyo land. It's this newfangled place. Where you pour (?) (serve?) (pull?) your own froyo and can mix & match & layer flavours. I obviously went straight vanilla. Well. Actually. I wanted to try this other flavour, that I can't currently remember the name of… it was greyish? I think it had a 4-letter name? Anyway. It came out way faster than expected. So it kind of contaminated the vanilla plan I had going on in my head… BUT to counteract the _ _ _ _-ness of it all (froyo flavour people, get your minds out of the gutter and back in the game), I drowned it out in nerds and sprinkles. Froyo's better when it crunches. And is rainbow coloured. (it's true and you know it). From there, our excellent adventure took us to Safeway. Wine. Pizza. Salad-in-a-bag. Smartfood. Safeway; Ingredients for a Gongshow. But seriously- we got a $26 bottle of wine for $9! This is awesome for TWO reasons- 1. WINE. in the GROCERY STORE. (one reason I wish I still lived in America. one of the very few reasons- gas prices= another reason. holy crow). 2. $17 off?! that's HUGE! Thanks, Safeway. 

So from here, the night spiralled quickly into ridiculousness. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was great. GR8. Grate. Lalala. 

if I'd really been thinking..
this would be the right way round...
This morning was leisurely. There was some peanut butter and some poptarts (not together. yuck.) and some sunshinnnne. We took a quick spin through the mall. I got a SUPERCUTE journal. SO EXCITED to ramble on about nothing on really really cute paper. Woo! Then it was time to point our noses north. It was a perfect day for a drive. Or napping, if you're Lauren. So I silently drummed along to the radio until we got to Burlington, WA, where we made a very necessary refuelling stop. Coffee and fries what?! When we got to Peace Arch (border) there was NO ONE THERE. Not one car in front of us. Not one car in any of the lineups. This has happened to me once before. It's boggled my mind both times. You should try it. Mid-week, midday border crossing. All the cool kids are doing it. 

And that's that story basically. I returned Lauren to the ferry, expected to hit insane (in the membrane) traffic, but that never happened (win!), got home, chatted up the fam, and well.. here we are. Oh. This happened too..
Brooke (at sink doing dishes): Isn't particle theory a fascinating field of modern science? 
Braden: I just looked over and saw the thermos drying… I thought you'd washed the coffee grinder. The electric coffee grinder. And I was like 'BROOOOOKE'
Brooke: Give me SOME credit here. UGH.

Note: My mom is sick. It's sad. It's a cold. Don't worry. But she's also kind of out of it. So I lent her some NeoCitran…"this cures heartaches". No mom, it cures headaches.

Reading the obits again. Just can't get enough. "…after a lifelong struggle with medical issues as a result of being backed over by a garbage truck in his kindergarten year". WHAT?!

The best dresscode ever (in the history of the world): mountain casual. basically; SMELL CLEAN.

Noticed: The lights in the library are nearly blinding. They seriously don't want you falling asleep in there. I was in there the other day, pretending to be a spy and hide out from enemy spies. I felt like I got a bit of a tan. Which will help with my disguise. 

Things I need your help with… just one thing really. K, ready? It's big. 
We're going to make this a saying. 
And you replace the _ with ANYTHING. i.e. someone is eating cauliflower- you would say "CAULIFLOWER STAR!" (in a really excited voice). Or if you see someone buying a Cadillac, you go up to them, pat them on the back and say "CADILLAC-BUYING STAR!". Try it. Make the world a better place. Make it a thing. For me. K?

BLOG-READING STAR! (real world example)

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