Tuesday, February 1, 2011

goldfish quickie

so, I'm sitting on the floor in the basement, surrounded by boxes- unpacking, sorting, recycling, garbaging.. you know, the whole "organize your life thing"... I found things I thought'd disappeared forever (lovefuzzy blanket, rainbow coloured sharpies (!!), a couple loonies, magazine ads) and a couple things I sometimes wish would disappear forever (now we're talking mostly unfortunate pictures circa grade 9).

I also unearthed this *gem*.
The title will give you a good idea as to what was going on in my life at the time it was written. As for the actual content.. who really knows? Ready? Here we go...

Brooke Hanna
Computer Science 100
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia
fantastic. follow instructions. include the question [my best guess? exam review class]

     Once there was a goldfish. The goldfish lived in a glorious aquarium in the South of France.  The goldfish did not live alone, he lived with a red-gilled rogerdaily fish.  Together the two fish would float around the aquarium and dream of quantum physics and elephant nutrition, mind you they never discussed their thoughts.  Not that they couldn't, they simply preferred to maintain a distant and somewhat strained relationship.  Often the owner of the aquarium would have to go out of the country to meet with other dignitaries and people of excellence, however, every so often, the owner of the aquarium would open his home to visiting elite and host lavish and extravagant balls.  On one such evening, a very powerful man found himself standing next to the aquarium with only his gin and tonic for company.  This powerful man was the ruler of a small but wealthy nation located in the region of Micronesia, so he was rather comfortable being near water.  In fact, since his recent and unsettling divorce, he began to realize that perhaps water was the only thing keeping him humble and partially sane.  It was not long before a beautiful young girl, standing across the room, recognized the powerful man from a magazine article which she kept on her polished mahogany nightstand.  The beautiful young girl stole away from the monotony of the company she was keeping and swept across the room and stood next to the very powerful man, keeping her eyes fixed on the goldfish.

Years later, long after the goldfish and the very powerful man had passed on from this life, the beautiful middle-aged girl stumbled upon an invitation while she was tidying her desk. The [and here ends the story].

To answer your questions.. Yes, for realz. No, I can't tell you what happens next. I can speculate that class ended, but that's all you'll get out of me.  And yes, I am currently seeking a publisher, we're going BIG-TIME baby!

Save a horse.
Ride a cowboy.
Always tell the truth.

totally unrelated but pretty sunset the other night.

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