Wednesday, March 16, 2011

love. if.

hey kids! 

this is a freeform (free-form?) post. sans draft. i can't promise quality. but let's give this a go shall we?

i've fallen in love
photo not actually taken while running.
well, i guess i've technically RE-fallen in love. with running. we've been fighting recently, and i was worried that it would never end. this has happened before. it's always ended. but you never know if this time will be different... in the end, it wasn't. we're back and better than ever (not true). and i'll admit, this quarrel was entirely my fault- a lack of commitment on my part. i wasn't putting in the time and it was coming back to bite me (never fails). so after a couple of 'drag-yourself-out-the-door-because-you-know-deep-down-you-really-do-love-it' runs, i had a *brilliant* run. (side note: do you always picture the world *brilliant* accompanied by stars? oh. yeah, me either...). it was long and it was slow and it was pouring rain (thanks vair much vancouver). but it was great. it was my favourite route. it was an uncrowded afternoon. it was me and my ipod and some happy graffiti and canada geese and some dog walkers. (are you imagining a parade right now? i sure am). lame story short; it was great. 

today at work one of my very favourite people came in. well. ok. one of my very favourite people i don't actually know anything about. he's a regular. and he's great. example: last week i was working on my own and allofasudden it was mad busy. big line-up. annoying customers. ugh. and 3/4 of the way through the line was mr. one of my very favourites. he gets to the front of the line, just as my head is about to explode and says "alright, ready now? just breeeeeathe." and made me take 2 seconds and re-group. and we got through it. it doesn't sound like much, but you know what, it usually doesn't take much to make someone's day better. think about it. 

holy shamoley! i start school in 2.5 weeks! for real though. not chicago-style. i got my schedule and my ID today. and i am excited! except i have to take drawing. do you know me? i can't draw real things to save my life. cartoon cows? sure. hearts, stars and horseshoes? no big deal. i've even knocked out the odd clover and blue moon. real life "art" drawing? wish me luck. imma need it. bad.
i drew this.

today i took a long drive. into another country (america..dur). after stopping at timmies of course (canada-side). i'm 2 and 2 at roll-up. coffee and donut. am i the only one who is reluctant to actually cash-in on their winnings? i just want to stockpile them and probably never use them. that's silly, isn't it?

i'm currently sitting in my friend's place, waiting for her to get home from work. there's a chance i stole a beer. and also a chance i found a book called "if questions for the soul" sitting next to me. here we go kids..

if you could have more faith in one thing, what would it be? 
the toronto maple leafs.

if you were to elect one animal to be the symbol of goodness, what would it be? baby turtles

if you were to propose that every person in the world do one thing every day for 15 minutes to better the world, what would you have them do? 
smile. :)

that's probably enough for now, eh?

exciting news! HELLCATS IS SHOOTING DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER. i know this because my dad sent me a text telling me so. it's how we roll. 

really fabbity fab songs:
i don't care (darius rucker ft. brad paisley). i won't let go (rascal flatts). make you feel my love (adele). constellations (jack johnson ft. eddie vedder). rebecca deville (mason jennings). down south (tom petty).

watch this. love it. thanks.

alright. one last thing: tanner glass? now invited to the bbq. and rapidly moving up the list of fave canucks. come on! he fights bears AND plays scrabble?! wow. actually. i'm going to go ahead and put him in a solid second place. mayray will always be first in my heart. (until weber becomes a canuck. or a vancan...).

i bid you adieu.

we all just wanna be big rockstars.