Monday, April 11, 2011

many things

wut uuup homeslices?!

it's been a while, eh? so many things have gone down! and I've been really bad about sharing them with you. let's rewind, shall we? (we shall!)

wait. I changed my mind. we're just going to list it up. i like a good list. they're so simple. (no comments from the peanut gallery, pleaseandthankyou).

many thing #1.
school has commenced! I'm a student again. and, despite one evening of pre-first-day doubts, it's going really well. why was I worried? school and coffee are the only things I know how to do. they're the only two things I've ever done. it took about ten seconds for me to remember how to do the school thing, and now, BAM, I'm back baby! 
art: i'm really good at it...
things that are comical: brooke in drawing classes. yep, classES; plural. oh dear. sorry art world, I'm going to just completely obliterate everything you've worked so hard to build. but in 10 weeks, I'll have moved on. please be patient.

brooke's rule for school (and hopefully one day for life): don't compare yourself.
very important. very hard to do sometimes. head down. focus on being your own very best and not better than the girl next to you. life lesson. i've caught myself a couple times looking over at the next person's drawing or painting or photoshop and smacked myself. people might start avoiding sitting next to me. that'll make it easier for me to focus on my own work. 

many thing #2. 
i moved! this is technically March news, but since I missed out telling you about it, you get it here. it's been a month here (here= right next to the beach. close to work. easy walk to the bus to school. WIN) and it's going swimmingly. did i mention free laundry? baller. (I think I've said that about free laundry before- it really is the best deal goin').

many thing #3.
it's weird not being the traveller. so many of the people I hold near and dear are on the road these days. and I'm not going anywhere. weird role-reversal. don't worry world, I'm comin' for ya in 2012. 

many thing #4. 
this corner of my bread is stale. AH stalebread aftertaste. foul.

many thing #5. 
you're currently reading the blog of a member of the UNDEFEATED metro van women's soccer team. after one heck of an exhausting weekend, a couple Sundays ago, we won the cup! WAHOOOOOO. I would like to take this moment to thank the very dedicated fans who had to truck it to Surrey for the game. some came from as far as Seattle. that morning. oyvey long drive.

many thing #6. 
back to america this weekend. my international lover is flying in. and I need new running shoes- win/win, really. 

many thing #7. 
I saw TWO bunnies on my run the other day. AND! SUNRUN this weekend youguys! get excited. running! downtown Vancouver! with 60,000 of your closest buddies.

many thing #8. 
blackhawks. round one. may history not repeat itself. (I refuse to comment any further- sport gods are verrrrry fickle. don't piss 'em off). also- Nashville's in too. go preds go! 
but- in case you missed it, MayRay scored 2 in our 2nd last game. 

many thing #9. 
ben came to visit. we recorded a rap album. we're h-core. don't mess.

great beats. 
i've been listening to lots of the same things over and over. most are not new to you.
everything's not lost (coldplay). summer young (rascal flatts). on your porch (the format). hymn to freedom (oscar peterson).



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  1. Sounds like you've been having a great time! Love the rap pic!